Founded in 1989. AS basic organization as subcontractors with 3 employees, "Timomed" for 21 years of existence and successful operation has grown into a limited liability company with 23 employees and annual processing of over 500 tons of honey.

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"Timomed" has organized the primary production of bee products: honey, wax, Propolis, pollen, royal jelly, raw materials and provides food for bees.

The production is partially organized in their own apiary with over 500 hives, and beekeepers in other sub-contractors.

The quantities of primary bee products that are required for the engagement of entire production facilities are purchased and the purchase of other beekeepers who are not direct contractors, with the municipalities Knjazevac, Zajecar, Soko and Negotin.

In this way (self-production, the amount contracted with subcontractors and purchase from other beekeepers) during the year to ensure honey production of about 500 tons.

Honey is collected in the production facilities "Timomed" a classified (forest, meadow, locust, linden, honey flower), processed in different packages sold on the domestic and international markets.

In addition to honey, which is the main product, "Timomed" is present in the market and other bee products. Thus, in stores around the country are

    - POLLEN,
    - DIJETMEL (a product that is a replacement for sugar),
    - DIJETBET honey with chromium
    - DIJETBET 2 (designed for diabetics)
    - EFERMED,
    - EFERMEL (dietary products enriched with organically bound iron).

From the production of solid food for the bees highlight cake

    - APITIM O
    - APITIM S

Its development strategy "Timomed" based on natural resources of the ecologically clean area of Stara Planina, which covers all our products and the needs of domestic and foreign markets. "Timomed" working to capture the production of new dietary and other products based on honey and herbs, but also on the program of pharmacology and cosmetics, as well as to increase the number of hives in the apiary.

Apiary "Timomed"-turned into a center for parent selection and reproduction. In the center is doing and insemination.

Examination, improvement and quality control are performed to the highest standards:

    - In our own laboratory "Timomed" and
    - In the laboratories of the Veterinary Institute in Zajecar
    - Institute for Hygiene and Technology of honey in Belgrade
    - As well as accredited laboratories in the EU market in Germany.

For good quality of bee products is necessary to use proper apitechniques and storing honey in the right conditions. Because of that "Timomed" sense of its establishment educates beekeepers. The lecturers are renowned experts from our country and the world.

The Program of development and adoption of modern business, marketing, organizational and technological solutions will provide further prosperity and the future of "Timomed".



Timomed Knjaževac, has all the certificates related to the safety of our products.

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